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Sump pump guides scholarship 2017-2018

Sump pump guides known for providing the best sump pump to the customers to add more efficiency and power to the house with battery backup sump pump with also many brands of sump pump like zoeller53 , wayne sump pump and sump pump alarms as well . We are excited to announce the annual scholarship program who wants to flaunt their writing ability throughout this world and also want to build their career in plumbing field.

This Sump pump guides scholarship 2017-2018 available for the students of undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is the opportunity for the students to win $500 by writing the 1000-1500 words on the given topic. Only those candidates will win this scholarship that can unique, informative and impressive content and can connect people through their words.

Following are the topics to write. So pick one and start writing:

  1. How can automation technology improve the housing efficiency?
  2. Is sump pump is the essential for home improvement?
  3. What aspect should people consider before purchasing the sump pump?
  4. Write a brief note on the sump pump failures and how to fix them
  5. Buying online submersible is safe or not?

Application requirements and eligibility

Candidate needs to submit their information on the along with their name, email, ID proof to prove their student identity. They must be able of think creatively and can connect with the readers. Every candidate needs to be a student of the undergraduate or postgraduate student, and he/she needs to write unique 1000-1500 words on the provided topic. Keep in mind your content must be unique and informative. Candidate must have the ability to influence people towards your subject.

We offer a simple procedure to follow for applying for this scholarship. You simply have to pick one topic and start writing 1000-1500 words on it and submit it on our site, or you can also email at

Deadline: 20 May 2018

Winner Announced:  1 July 2018


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