Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate 1/3 HP Submersible Sump Pump Review

Put simply; a sump pump is designed to remove water from a sump basin underneath a home or commercial property. Any water collected over time puts the home at risk from dampness and other types of water damage. The collected water is removable using either an external or submersible pump which includes a motor and power unit, whether that’s simply a direct connection to a power outlet or the use of a battery backup system. The water is then pumped out to a water well or other suitable spots away from home. It was previously acceptable to dispose of collected water down a municipal water system drain, but due to potential clogging, this is often against regulations locally and is no longer advisable. Here we review the best sump pump system, covering its main features, as well as the pros and cons:

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Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate 1/3 HP Submersible Sump Pump

The Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump is an AC-powered pumping system to be placed under the house or apartment block. It is entirely submersible where it becomes operational when placed in greater than 7 inches of water and shuts down when the water depth is only 3 inches deep. The M53 is capable of pumping 43 gallons every minute. The Zoeller can pump out half-inch solid material too and 1.5-inch discharges. The Zoeller brand is well respected for its reliability. The vortex impeller that’s fitted here is designed not to clog up. With that said, all sump pumps require some form of maintenance as none of them will last forever, and they do stop working when not semi-regularly maintained. Among plumbers, the M53 is seen as a reliable unit that avoids late-night calls to come out to fix a flooding basement due to a failed sump pump.

Given that this unit doesn’t come with its own battery system, the Zoeller M53 relies on a continuing electrical supply from the mains or a backup generator that kicks in during a brownout, power cut, or other cause for a complete loss of electricity in the home. In the event of a heavy storm that combines with a power cut, the pump’s engine will not function. For concerned homeowners, either a backup battery-powered sump pump or a backup generator are required to enable the pump to keep operating when the sump basin is under 7-inches of water and the home is at risk of flooding

Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump

The 1/3 horsepower engine isn’t the most powerful engine seen (Zoeller certainly has some pumps in their considerable range with higher power capacities). Nonetheless, the engine is an impressive one that comes pre-loaded with oil and includes a thermal overloading protection system. Cast iron for the outer shell protects the motor, pump, and switch. Two flow holes around the pump assembly must be free of obstruction otherwise fluids won’t be able to escape. The switch is automatically activated the water is detected to have reached the necessary level. The switch is capable of turning on/off quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t last longer than 3-5 years due to its persistent activation in a storm but is replaceable using a simple screwdriver.

It is also necessary to remove the thermoplastic base to clear the pump of collective debris that will cause a blockage. The exit pipe is easily blocked when too much debris clogs up the system. Fortunately, the M53 is built in a way that it only takes a handful of screws to be removed to fix the issue so the plastic impeller keeps turning well. The check valve should also function properly after cleaning up the pump, and this can be validated before putting it back together again. The 9-foot power cord is surely enough to connect the 115-volt pump up to a nearby electrical socket in the home. When using a power cord extension, it’s necessary to waterproof it properly to avoid shorting out the electrical circuit.

Detailed Pros And cons of Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate 1/3 HP Submersible Sump Pump


  • Cast iron structure to protect and waterproof the engine, pump, and switch
  • Fully submersible
  • Activates automatically when the water level reached 7-inches and automatically cuts out when water is down to 3-inches
  • Plastic Vortex impeller designed to avoid clogging up
  • Switch easily replaceable
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Vulnerable to simultaneous power brownout at the same time as a violent rainstorm hits the area
  • The 9-foot power cord may be too short
  • 1/3 horsepower isn’t as powerful as some other submersible pumps
  • No separate backup battery option is available
  • Switch tends to fail after 3-5 years
  • The switch has been known to get stuck in the ON position which could cause the motor to burn out eventually
  • Cast iron base instead of plastic would be more durable against sand and gravel
  • Cast iron impeller is heavier but less likely be break than the plastic one that comes with the M53 (the Zoeller M57 includes both a cast iron impeller and base)

The WAYNE EEAUP250 Submersible Sump Pump Review

The Wayne EEAUP250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Electric Water Removal Pump is a semi-portable system for dealing with problematic water collection below a flat roof, near window wells, closed spaces, and other areas. The pump can be used to remove water from a sump basin but also serves multiple purposes across larger properties. Wayne is not a new pump manufacturer. They’ve been involved with basement, well and lawn management for the past eight decades under Wayne Water Systems, as a division of Scott Fetzer. Their pumps are assembled in the USA using both domestic and international sources parts.

wayne eeaup250

The EEAUP250 is a ¼ horsepower water pump that is powered by electricity. It does not operate unless supplied a feed of power from somewhere. The pump produces a maximum flow of 3,000 gallons per hour which is enough to handle almost any flooding situation head-on. When dispersing water 10-feet higher than the pump’s location, the flow rate drops below 1,800 gallons per hour which are still more than adequate under most circumstances. The pump is fully submersible due to its thermoplastic sealed design which avoids leaks that would shut down the ¼ horsepower engine. The I-Switch has sensors that detect water and turn on the pump to begin the removal of surrounding water until it is ¾ inches deep or less. The switch won’t trigger the engine to turn on unless the water is deep enough. The unit does a better job of clearing out water at lower levels than sump pumps than turning off when water levels are higher.

It is easy to use an adapter that’ll fit a garden hose without difficulty, but fitting a ¼-inch sump pump hose instead usually delivers a better result. The main advantage of this pump is its flexible use. Place it in a flooded basement, flat roof, inside a boat, or even in a depression on a long driveway, and it’ll get to work pumping out the remaining water as long as the water is already deep enough. There is a one-year warranty included with the purchase of this product.

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Some Pros And Cons Of Wayne EEAUP250 Submersible Sump Pump


  • The portable water pump that pumps out collected water from many types of locations
  • AC powered
  • ¼ horsepower motor
  • Sealed thermoplastic design
  • Lighter than cast iron pumps
  • Small enough to fit inside storm drains and confined spaces that sump pumps don’t squeeze inside
  • Intelligent switch which turns on/off the pump as needed
  • Sensitive to ¾ inches of water and high levels
  • Activated with water levels lower than a traditional sump pump does
  • Standard garden hose fitting for water flow removal
  • Resists corrosion


  •  Won’t dry out water levels below one ¾ inch of water in flooded basements
  • No backup battery system
  •  Not as durable as cast iron sump pumps
  •  Pump likely to freeze and break in freezing conditions
  •  Removal required in winter when temperatures start to drop; risk of damage to the unit if the homeowner forgets about this pump
  •  A sump pump check valve should be purchased separately to enjoy fewer maintenance problems

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WAYNE CDU800 Submersible Cast Iron and Steel Sump Pump Review

The WAYNE CDU800 1/2 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Steel Sump Pump with Integrated Vertical Float Switch is a complete system. The model is available as an individual pump, a pump, and battery together, with a separate battery purchasable individually too. For homeowners (and professional plumbers) who want to purchase complete systems or easily replace batteries that have failed, the availability of different purchasing options with CDU800 is helpful. The system is ideal as the best backup sump pump for occasions when the power cuts out, and only a backup battery-powered sump pump will keep the basement and other areas of the home from flooding. For homeowners looking for a secondary & best quality sump pump to protect against the first one failing in a rainstorm, the Wayne CDU800 model certainly offers some food for thought.wayne cdu800 sump pump

The motor is a ½ horsepower motor that is stronger than most sump pumps in this category. It is fully submersible and comes with a vertically-positioned switch. The casing is made of cast iron for greater protection from outside elements, and the base is also cast iron rather than plastic. The impeller is constructed from polycarbonate that’s been strengthened. The steel fasteners are made of stainless steel and have been treated to protect them from corrosion. The CDU800 is intended for installation inside a sump basin that is at least 11-inches in diameter to accommodate the unit. It is capable of pumping out 4,200 gallons of water per minute which drops depending on the upwards direction of the water via a one ½-inch discharge diameter. Suction is powerful and intended to clear debris efficiently to avoid the frequency of clogging. There is a mechanical seal that’s ceramic for reliable performance.

The engine already comes with oil and avoids overheating through a thermal system. The ball bearings remain lubricated; the motor windings avoid damage due to the thermal protection, and the grounded 3-prong electrical plug runs through an 8-foot power cord to access power outlets outside the sump basin. The switch uses two poles to ensure that should one switch get stuck in the ON position, the second pole will not. The inclusion of this feature avoids the prospect of the engine overheating and blowing out due to a switch that became stuck. There is a 3-year limited warranty with this product which is quite generous.

Some Pros And Cons Of WAYNE CDU800 Sump Pump


  •  Backup sump pump capable of pumping 4,200 gallons of water per minute
  •  ½ horsepower engine
  •  Two pole switch that avoids sticking in the ON position
  •  Switch trips when the water reached 9-inch level
  •  Steel motor housing with epoxy coating
  •  The pump base is cast iron
  •  Fully submersible
  •  Quality suction clears most debris
  •  Polycarbonate Impeller
  •  Two check valves


  •  Only pumps water when the water level is at least 4-inches deep

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Zoeller Aquanot®508-0007 12 Volt Backup Pump

The ZoellerAquanot® 508-0007 is a backup unit that is self-contained to provide support for times when either the primary sump pump failed completely, or the AC-powered sump pump lost its power supply in a storm just when it was needed the most. The Aquanotcomprises the Zoeller M98 ½ horsepower pump with a 12-volt backup sump pump to deliver secondary water pumping ability in a sump basin to ensure the homestay dry. The cast iron pump comes with a vertical float switch. The thermoplastic base protects the innards. The engine is hermetically sealed to avoid heat build-up and comes pre-oiled. When running, up to 4,320 gallons of water is pumpable out of the basin and to a safe distance from the home.Zoeller Aquanot® 508-0007

A 10-amp battery charger is supplied, along with the controllable LED display system. There is protection from overcharging the battery and burning it out. Its voltage and other information are supplied to the LED display. Six-inch leads are also provided.

There are alarms capable of alerting via a home security system or calling an emergency number when there is an electrical problem, low battery level or the water level is higher than expected. Full LED light indicators confirm charging status, low battery level, AC power, high water levels, alarm status, and more. The unit doesn’t come with a battery, but it suits several types of batteries available from Zoeller. The ZoellerAquanot comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Pros and cons of ZoellerAquanot® 508-0007 sump pump


  •  Backup sump pump system using Zoeller M98 pump
  •  Runs off a battery that’s continuously charged and separate from the AC system
  •  10-amp battery charger included
  •  LED display screen to monitor system status
  •  Alarm system to alert homeowners to failure of the unit, water levels, low battery, and more


  •  Doesn’t come with a battery
  •  Not a bilge pump too

WAYNE WSS30V Battery Backup Combination Sump Pump Review

The WAYNE WSS30V Pre-Assembled 120/12V 1/2 HP Primary and Battery Backup Combination Sump Pump System is the final solution for protecting a basement from flooding. The WSS30V model is available as a sump pump, a sump pump, and battery, and there is a separate battery available. The sump pump works with either a marine or deep cell battery type too. The ½ horsepower primary sump pump is powered from a power outlet, with a backup 12-volt battery backup sump pump available for times when power fails across the property during inclement weather. The primary pump has a cast iron surround/base to make it resistant to corrosion. It also has an extremely low decibel output, so the automatic on/off functionality during the night of a big storm won’t wake up the inhabitants intermittently.WAYNE WSS30V

A high level of suction is achieved which is powerful enough to extract various debris that would otherwise get caught up in the impeller. The lack of clogging saves time and money on subsequent maintenance, though some irregular maintenance is still recommended. The product is designed for sump basins that have at least a 15-foot diameter area and preferably a large basin than this to make the best use of this powerful sump pump. The vertical float switch ensures accurate readings about current water levels and triggers the motor to spin up to begin pumping out water quickly. The primary pump is capable of pumping 4,200 gallons per minute on the AC power, but around 3,300 gallons per minute under battery power. The backup battery system needs either a 75-amp hour deep cycle or a 40-amp hour marine battery to provide sufficient power to the sump pump unit. Two, not one, reliable check valves are there to ensure the continual operation of this product.

A battery box and charger are supplied which charges a 12-volt battery separately. The beauty of this system is that it offers an AC-powered primary pump and a battery-powered backup option in a single package rather than needing to purchase, set up and maintain two separate sump pump systems (one AC-powered and one battery-powered). Either choose the model that comes with a battery or purchase a separate compatible battery for this sump pump.

The sump pump is designed to activate when the water level reached 9-inches and turns itself off when enough water has been pumped out to reduce the water level to just 4-inches. There is a built-in alarm system that has visible LED lights to confirm when there is a problem with the system. The equipment is pre-assembled, so it’s not necessary to know to hook everything up.

Given the cast iron construction and overall durability of the parts, the Wayne WSS50V sump pump comes with an impressive 5-year warranty.


  •  Dual sump pump system (Wayne CDU800 unit) with a 120-volt AC-powered primary sump pump and a 12-volt battery-powered backup pump
  •  Powerful ½ horsepower primary sump pump capable of pumping 4,200 gallons per and just over 3,000 gallons per minute with a 10-foot flow uplift
  •  A 12-volt secondary battery-powered battery that pumps out 3,300 gallons per across a flat surface
  •  Durable cast iron casing
  •  Two check valves
  •  Battery box and charger with LED indication lights
  •  Alarm system to audibly warn homeowners of a problem with the pump
  •  Powerful suction power
  •  Intended for sump basins that have a 15-foot diameter or greater
  •  Activates pump when the water level at or above 9-inches
  •  Assembled in the USA; parts made in the USA and other countries
  •  5-year limited warranty


  •  Not all versions come with a battery
  •  Choosing a compatible non-Wayne supplied battery may be a challenge for some people who are unsure the correct battery to purchase
  •  Stops pumping when the water level falls to 4-inches


Choosing the right sump pump for your home is a personal decision. We all wish to safeguard our home when the worst of a storm begins to batter all sides of the place where we lay down at night to sleep. Whilst foundations provide the strength underpinning the building’s structure, it is the drainage system and the sump basin that ensure water doesn’t build up around and beneath the home to undermine the integrity of the foundation. The use of a sump pump that’s powerful enough to provide sufficient suction and the ability to pump gallons of water out faster than it’s coming in is vital to avoid flooding the basement and causing severe damage to décor, possessions, and possibly the internal structure of the home too.

Not all sump pumps are the same. Each has an engine with different power under the hood. The pumps themselves are either AC-powered which offer the strongest suction and pumping ability, but without gasoline or diesel-powered home generator, will cut out at the worst time. Other sump pumps are battery-powered which offers another option to keep water levels down sufficiently when they begin to rise. Many homeowners choose to either buy both an AC-powered and a battery-powered pumping system or they purchase a single unit that offers the above functionality in a single solution. Either way, the investment in a reliable sump pump is essential to maintain the value of a home and ensure it stays protected from the elements outside.

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