WAYNE WSS30V Battery Backup Combination Sump Pump Review

The WAYNE WSS30V Pre-Assembled 120/12V 1/2 HP Primary and Battery Backup Combination Sump Pump System is the final solution for protecting a basement from flooding. The WSS30V model is available as a sump pump, a sump pump, and battery, and there is a separate battery available. The sump pump works with either a marine or deep cell battery type too. The ½ horsepower primary sump pump is powered from a power outlet, with a backup 12-volt battery backup sump pump available for times when power fails across the property during inclement weather. The primary pump has a cast iron surround/base to make it resistant to corrosion. It also has an extremely low decibel output, so the automatic on/off functionality during the night of a big storm won’t wake up the inhabitants intermittently.WAYNE WSS30V

A high level of suction is achieved which is powerful enough to extract various debris that would otherwise get caught up in the impeller. The lack of clogging saves time and money on subsequent maintenance, though some irregular maintenance is still recommended. The product is designed for sump basins that have at least a 15-foot diameter area and preferably a large basin than this to make the best use of this powerful sump pump. The vertical float switch ensures accurate readings about current water levels and triggers the motor to spin up to begin pumping out water quickly. The primary pump is capable of pumping 4,200 gallons per minute on the AC power, but around 3,300 gallons per minute under battery power. The backup battery system needs either a 75-amp hour deep cycle or a 40-amp hour marine battery to provide sufficient power to the sump pump unit. Two, not one, reliable check valves are there to ensure the continual operation of this product.

A battery box and charger are supplied which charges a 12-volt battery separately. The beauty of this system is that it offers an AC-powered primary pump and a battery-powered backup option in a single package rather than needing to purchase, set up and maintain two separate sump pump systems (one AC-powered and one battery-powered). Either choose the model that comes with a battery or purchase a separate compatible battery for this sump pump.

The sump pump is designed to activate when the water level reached 9-inches and turns itself off when enough water has been pumped out to reduce the water level to just 4-inches. There is a built-in alarm system that has visible LED lights to confirm when there is a problem with the system. The equipment is pre-assembled, so it’s not necessary to know to hook everything up.

Given the cast iron construction and overall durability of the parts, the Wayne WSS50V sump pump comes with an impressive 5-year warranty.


  •  Dual sump pump system (Wayne CDU800 unit) with a 120-volt AC-powered primary sump pump and a 12-volt battery-powered backup pump
  •  Powerful ½ horsepower primary sump pump capable of pumping 4,200 gallons per and just over 3,000 gallons per minute with a 10-foot flow uplift
  •  A 12-volt secondary battery-powered battery that pumps out 3,300 gallons per across a flat surface
  •  Durable cast iron casing
  •  Two check valves
  •  Battery box and charger with LED indication lights
  •  Alarm system to audibly warn homeowners of a problem with the pump
  •  Powerful suction power
  •  Intended for sump basins that have a 15-foot diameter or greater
  •  Activates pump when the water level at or above 9-inches
  •  Assembled in the USA; parts made in the USA and other countries
  •  5-year limited warranty


  •  Not all versions come with a battery
  •  Choosing a compatible non-Wayne supplied battery may be a challenge for some people who are unsure the correct battery to purchase
  •  Stops pumping when the water level falls to 4-inches


Choosing the right sump pump for your home is a personal decision. We all wish to safeguard our home when the worst of a storm begins to batter all sides of the place where we lay down at night to sleep. Whilst foundations provide the strength underpinning the building’s structure, it is the drainage system and the sump basin that ensure water doesn’t build up around and beneath the home to undermine the integrity of the foundation. The use of a sump pump that’s powerful enough to provide sufficient suction and the ability to pump gallons of water out faster than it’s coming in is vital to avoid flooding the basement and causing severe damage to décor, possessions, and possibly the internal structure of the home too.

Not all sump pumps are the same. Each has an engine with different power under the hood. The pumps themselves are either AC-powered which offer the strongest suction and pumping ability, but without gasoline or diesel-powered home generator, will cut out at the worst time. Other sump pumps are battery-powered which offers another option to keep water levels down sufficiently when they begin to rise. Many homeowners choose to either buy both an AC-powered and a battery-powered pumping system or they purchase a single unit that offers the above functionality in a single solution. Either way, the investment in a reliable sump pump is essential to maintain the value of a home and ensure it stays protected from the elements outside.

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