Zoeller Aquanot®508-0007 12 Volt Backup Pump

The ZoellerAquanot® 508-0007 is a backup unit that is self-contained to provide support for times when either the primary sump pump failed completely, or the AC-powered sump pump lost its power supply in a storm just when it was needed the most. The Aquanotcomprises the Zoeller M98 ½ horsepower pump with a 12-volt backup sump pump to deliver secondary water pumping ability in a sump basin to ensure the homestay dry. The cast iron pump comes with a vertical float switch. The thermoplastic base protects the innards. The engine is hermetically sealed to avoid heat build-up and comes pre-oiled. When running, up to 4,320 gallons of water is pumpable out of the basin and to a safe distance from the home.Zoeller Aquanot® 508-0007

A 10-amp battery charger is supplied, along with the controllable LED display system. There is protection from overcharging the battery and burning it out. Its voltage and other information are supplied to the LED display. Six-inch leads are also provided.

There are alarms capable of alerting via a home security system or calling an emergency number when there is an electrical problem, low battery level or the water level is higher than expected. Full LED light indicators confirm charging status, low battery level, AC power, high water levels, alarm status, and more. The unit doesn’t come with a battery, but it suits several types of batteries available from Zoeller. The ZoellerAquanot comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Pros and cons of ZoellerAquanot® 508-0007 sump pump


  •  Backup sump pump system using Zoeller M98 pump
  •  Runs off a battery that’s continuously charged and separate from the AC system
  •  10-amp battery charger included
  •  LED display screen to monitor system status
  •  Alarm system to alert homeowners to failure of the unit, water levels, low battery, and more


  •  Doesn’t come with a battery
  •  Not a bilge pump too