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Best Sump Pump Alarm 2022 Reviews & Buyer Guide

The sump pump may be the most underappreciated appliance in the modern home. Without it houses built-in high water table areas or areas prone to flooding from heavy rains and snowmelt would find themselves on the shaky ground unable to maintain the integrity of their foundations and with all manner of dangerous bacteria, molds, and other invasive organisms taking up permanent residence in the basement. But sump pumps aren’t infallible and even the best may find itself overwhelmed at some point.

That’s where alarms come in. If the water level in your basement is rising too fast for the pump to keep up the alarm will sound notifying you it’s time to take extraordinary action before it’s too late. Likewise, if the power has gone out and you don’t have a battery-powered backup the alarm will alert you to rising water before it’s too late to do anything about it. Our top 5 Sump Pumps Alarm for 2022. Below we’re going to review what we consider the 5 best sump pump alarms available today. Let’s begin.

Top 5 Best Sump Pump Alarms System With Ultimate Comparison 

Our Picks Alram Rating
Top PickHomeSitter Power Alarm 4.2
Runner UpZoeller 10-1494 A-Pak Indoor Alarm 4.1
Best Combo AlarmBasement Watchdog BWC1 4.5
Best Mold AlarmGlentronics, Inc. BWD-HWA Basement Watchdog 4.7
Best Outdoor AlarmIn/Outdoor High Water Warning System 4.2

Top 5 Sump Pump Alarm Reviews

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Control Products HomeSitter Power Alarm HS-700

best sump pump alarm system review

The HomeSitter HS-700 from Control Products is an affordable home monitoring system that warns of a variety of threats to your home including extreme temperatures, power failures, and – most important for this review – basement flooding. The HS-700 sets up in just a few minutes and is self-contained. That is, there are no monitoring fees to pay to 3rd parties or outrageous installation costs. The HS-700 is a great little tool that will help protect your home from numerous threats and do so without you having to sign any odious monitoring contracts with 3rd parties. The unit can be programmed to call up to 3 phone numbers in case of emergency and will also sound an audible alarm. Should the water in the basement overwhelm, your sump pump’s ability to keep up the HS-700 will alert you so you can call for backup help before things get out of control? This is not just handy for high water table-related events but also in cases of burst pipes or flash flooding in your area.

High water, burst pipes, burst washing machines,s, and general flooding sensors alert you to an array of water-related hazards. The power outage alarm lets you know your sump pump is out of action. Can be programmed to call up to 3 phone numbers. Audible alarm alerts you to problems if you’re home. Runs on regular power but also has a battery backup in case of power outages. Low battery warning alarm.



  • High water, burst pipes, burst washing machines, and general flooding sensors alert you to an array of water-related hazards.
  • The power outage alarm lets you know your sump pump is out of action.
  • Can be programmed to call up to 3 phone numbers.
  • Audible alarm alerts you to problems if you’re home.
  • Runs on regular power but also has a battery backup in case of power outages.
  • Low battery warning alarm.

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Zoeller 10-1494 A-Pak Indoor Alarm System

wifi sump pump alarm

Zoeller knows sump pumps which means they also know what can happen if a sump pump is overwhelmed or powered down during an extreme weather event. On those occasions, you need something to alert you to the fact that water levels are rising fast in the basement or that your sump pump is out of service at a time you may need it most. Enter the Zoeller 10-1494 A-Pak Alarm. The A-Pak is suitable for use with all sump pumps or can simply be installed anywhere you think high water might be a problem including lift pump chambers, holding tanks, septic tanks, and of course sump pump basins. For the record, Zoeller recommends the A-Pak 10-1494 not be plugged into the same circuit as your sump pump. This will protect the A-Pak from being tripped if the sump pump somehow accidentally trips the circuit breaker.

Zoeller is well known for the quality of their product lines and the A-Pak is certainly no exception. This sump and septic pump alarm should provide years of reliable service, helping you rest easy knowing your home is protected from water-related emergencies.


  • Audible high water alarm.
  • Battery backup (9-volt battery not included).
  • Composed of non-corrosive materials for long life and reliable performance.
  • 12 volt AC power.
  • Manual shut off.
  • 15-foot float switch power cable included.
  • Audible alarm rated to 86 decibels at 10 feet.

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Basement Watchdog BWC1 Dual Float Sump Pump Switch with Controller

high water alarm for sump pump

The basement has come to play an increasingly important role in the domestic lives of many families. With basement conversions becoming almost standard fare for many homeowners protecting media rooms, offices, libraries, recreation rooms, in-law suites and more from the ravages of high water tables and intermittent weather-related flooding is now more important than ever. The Dual Float, the Sump Pump Controller, is not so much a standard alarm as it is, well, a watchdog that monitors your sump pump’s viability and gives it an extra nudge if needed. As the name implies there are 2 floats at work with this controller. The first activates the sump pump if there is a water level rise of more than 1/4 inch in the sump pump basin. The second float is a failsafe device that kicks in if the first float fails for any reason.


  • Large primary float sensitive to water level changes of 1/4 inch which allows the sump pump to stay ahead of water conditions.
  • Back-up float automatically activates the pump if the primary float fails for any reason.
  • A protective cage keeps trash and other debris from interfering with the proper operation of the pump while the buildup of debris under the float is minimized by the float’s curved design.
  • The pump runs for 10 seconds beyond the standard shut-off point to ensure excess water is drained from the sump basin. This helps ensure easy water level maintenance.

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4.Glentronics, Inc. BWD-HWA Basement Watchdog Water Sensor and Alarm

basement water alarm

This second entry on our list from the folks at Basement Watchdog is a straight up basement water alarm system intended to alert you to the risk of rising water in the basement. The BWD-HWA sensor is installed in sump pits or other spots that require monitoring particularly around washing machines, water heaters, under sinks, and more. There is also a 6-foot long wire so that the sensor can be extended inside the sump pit should you so desire. Circuitry for the HWA sensor is a very reliable solid-state while the audible alarm is a robust 110 decibels (so you don’t want to be standing next to it when it goes off). The HWA is super sensitive and can detect a rise in water levels as small as 1/32 of an inch.


  • An ultra-sensitive device that detects water only 1/32 of an inch deep.
  • An audible alarm is an impressive 110 dB at 10 feet.
  • Runs on a 9-volt alkaline battery (not included)
  • The Battery-saver feature only consumes energy should set the alarm sound.
  • The alarm can potentially sound for up to 3 full days.
  • The alarm sports a trim profile of 4-1/4” x 1-1/4” x 3-1/4.”
  • Sensor wire can easily be extended by more than 100 feet.

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5.In/Outdoor High Water Warning System for Septic/Sump/Pond

septic pump alarm

The Sump Alarm Indoor/Outdoor Alarm is made in the US for domestic applications. The system has some trouble indicators including a 1-inch wide red LED light visible from a hundred yards or more that flashes when the alarm sounds. This Sump Alarm system can be easily installed to work with virtually any sump pump, sewage system or water tank and the 90-decibel horn is enough to wake those who are sound asleep on the upper floors of the home.

The Sump Alarm system is easy to install simply mount the head unit, place the float in the desired location, plug the unit in and you’re ready to go. With the unit in place, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’ll be notified quickly of any high water events so that you’re able to undertake mitigation efforts before things get out of hand. While we like this unit we couldn’t help wishing it had the mobile alert capability. However, the alarm is loud enough to alert the neighbors so even if you aren’t home they can ring you up to tell you there’s a problem.


  • The LED pilot light has an extremely long life.
  • 90-decibel horn is enough to alert you and the neighborhood that something is amiss.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors due to its weatherproof enclosure.
  • Installation can be handled by the homeowner and takes only minutes.
  • 4 rear mounting holes as well as mounting feet.
  • 10’ float switch cord included.
  • The float switch is rated to 100,000 cycles.

Bottom Lines

Sump pumps are lifesavers, or at least house savers but they too need some way to tell us they’re having a problem. Sump pump alarms are the way to do that. Any of the alarm/backup systems noted above will do the job commendably and all are well within reach financially so there’s no excuse not to have a proper alarm system for your sump pump.

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